TM-MC provides information on the constituent compounds of medicinal plant materials in Northeast Asia traditional medicine. Information on the constituent compounds of these medicinal materials was extracted manually from chromatography articles searched on MEDLINE and PubMed Central.
In the field of Northeast Asian traditional medicine, many databases exist that provide the constituent compounds of medicinal materials. However, some databases are not open to the public or provide much overlapping information. Moreover, although there exists many databases, it is difficult to decide which database to use because the sources of the information are unclear.
We aim to provide a database, for which medicinal materials are listed in the Northeast Asian (Korea, China, and Japan) national pharmacopoeias, and for which users can easily check relevant information with the links to articles from which information on the chemical compounds of the medicinal materials has been extracted.
  • 2017. 11. 7.
  • - Chemical compounds of Oryeong-san were curated after identifying their chemical structures.

  • 2017. 4. 25.
  • - Information on chemical constituents of non-botanical medicinal materials were extracted and added.

  • 2016. 9. 23.
  • - TM-MC was updated: articles were curated until the 27 millionth pmid.

  • 2016. 6. 8.
  • - TM-MC was updated: articles were curated until the 26 millionth pmid.

  • 2015. 8. 25.
  • - TM-MC was updated: medicinal materials with only both generic and specific names in scientific names were searched and curated.

  • 2015. 4. 1.
  • - TM-MC was updated: articles which had been downloaded on 27 December 2014 were curated.
    - Links to compounds in ChemSpider database were added.

  • 2014. 12. 9.
  • - Help material were provided.

  • 2014. 7. 1.
  • - TM-MC was opened: articles which had been published until 31 December 2013 were curated.

  • Sang-Kyun Kim, SeJin Nam, Hyunchul Jang, Anna Kim, and Jeong-Ju Lee. TM-MC: a database of medicinal materials and chemical compounds in Northeast Asian traditional medicine. BMC Complement Altern Med., 15:218, 2015, doi: 10.1186/s12906-015-0758-5.
  • Sang-Kyun Kim, Seungho Lee, and Anna Kim. Comparison of chemical compounds of medicinal plant materials with compounds of domestic pharmacopoeias. The Korean Journal of Herbology, 31(5), 2016, pp.55-62, doi: 10.6116/kjh.2016.31.5.55. (Korean)
  • Sang-Kyun Kim and Myung-Ku Lee. Chemical constituents of non-botanical medicinal materials in Northeast Asian traditional medicine: A PubMed literature survey. First edition, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, 2018 (Korean)
TM-MC data statistics
  • Medicinal materials : 602
  • Compounds : 24,018
  • Links between medicinal material and compound : 40,405
  • Curated articles : 7,713