When the keyword for a medicinal material or compound is input into the search field and the “Search” button is clicked, a list of medicinal materials and compounds having information that include the search query is shown.

1. Medicinal Material

Medicinal materials can be searched for their Latin names, common names, Korean names, Chinese names, scientific names, effects and treatment targets.

Query examples

2. Compound

Compounds can be searched for their names

For each compound, if any, the link to PubChem and ChemSpider database is shown to provide their chemical structure and other information

Query examples

How to use
  • Information on medicinal materials or compounds and links between them can be searched.
  • When users do not know which search words to use, they can use the "Browse" menu.
  • The search results for medicinal materials and chemical compounds are shown in separate tabs.
  • Detailed instructions are available on the Help menu.