When the PMID of an article on the MEDLINE database or the metadata of an article is input and the "Distinct" button is clicked, the result of whether that article is related to traditional medicine is shown.

* Distinguishing articles by using a single PMID
(1) Enter one PMID in the search field in the upper area of the PMID tab and then click the “Distinct” button.
(2) The distinction results are shown in the bottom area.

* Distinguishing articles by using their metadata
(1) Enter the article’s title, abstract, affiliation of the author(s), journal title, and MeSH in the metadata tab and then click the “Distinct” button. Input of the title and abstract of the article is mandatory.
(2) The distinction results are shown based on the input data.

* Distinguishing multiple articles
(1) The following API provided on this server can be called out to have the distinction results. Distinguishing multiple articles is only possible for articles on the MEDLINE database with PMID.
- URL: http://informatics.kiom.re.kr/disarticle/query.do
- Input: At least one PMID, separated with a comma.
- Output: List of JSON-type PMID and distinction result
(2) Calling examples
- query: http://informatics.kiom.re.kr/disarticle/query.do?id=22105022,22105023,22105024
- result: {"status":"success","result":{"22105024":"no","22105023":"no","22105022":"no"}}